Does Jelly offer any gluten-free, vegan or sugar free doughuts?

Here at Jelly we are continually developing to find a way that most everyone can enjoy our treats! We have a gluten sensitive option available daily. This option in a gluten free recipe but is not cooked in such a facility that is gluten free, therefore should not be consumed if you have an allergy to gluten.As for Vegan, We've done it. We have perfected our recipe, currently ur vegan option is only available upon preorder with a minimum order of a dozen. For large quantities of our gluten sensitive or vegan options please call/email in advance to secure your order.As for Sugar free, please contact the store to see what we can do to address your concerns.

If I have a nut allergy should I eat at Jelly?

No, sorry. Jelly’s kitchen is NOT a nut free kitchen.

What if I have a great idea for a doughnut flavour?

Email your ideas to If we use your idea for a Saturday creation you will receive a dozen complimentary doughnuts (in your flavour of course).